Moto4Fun Romania offers Motorcycle Tours in Transylvania

During the motorcycle tours in Transylvania you will discover the most important and beautiful sights from Romania. Our trip of charming Transylvania includes old medieval towns, castles and fortresses.

Motorcycle tours in Transylvania or Romania that unveil a gorgeous country

The motorcycle tours in Transylvania offer a large variety of interesting sights.  Medieval towns, fortresses and stunning mountains such as the Carpathians are some of the highlights. You will uncover the world of old ancient civilizations as Dacians and Romans.

Our motorcycle tours in Transylvanian offer good insight into the medieval fortresses and cities. The experience will take you back in the medieval ages with their beauty, traditions and legends. These tours will uncover the history of Transylvania and it's people.

The castles and fortress found on our guided motorcycle tours in Transylvania will take you on a trip to the past. You will discover the enchanting region of Transylvania and the reality and myth of Vlad Dracula.

Highlights of the motorcycle tours in Transylvania

In most cases, when talking about Romania and Transylvania the first thing that comes to mind is Dracula's Castle and Transfagarasan. Transylvania houses some of the driving roads in Europe as well as some superb medieval castles, some relating to the legend of Dracula.

The Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle)

One of the highlights of our motorcycle tours in Transylvania is the visit of the famous medieval Bran Castle. This is where you will hear the frightening stories about Vlad Dracula and discover the truth behind the legend!

From the Bran Castle you will also get a glimpse at the mysterious Rasnov Fortress It is one of the best preserved peasant fortifications in Transylvania.

The Transfagarasan Highway

The Transfagarasant motorcycle tour has the most scenic road of the trip. The Transfagarasan part of the trip in Transylvania will be a motoring experience you will never forget! Jeremy Clarkson named the Transfagarasan 'the best driving road in the world' and it is Romania's most famous attractions!

Peles Castle, nature & wildlife

Another fun day will be the visit of the Peles Castle in Sinaia, the former royal summer residence. To reach the castle we will make a detour over beautiful landscapes by crossing Carpathians Mountains. You'll learn about Romanian history, the Royal Family.

For the nature and wildlife lovers Transylvania has a lot to offer. It has large areas of untouched nature with wild animals, birds and plants.


We do our Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania on this road from mid-June to October when the road is open for driving.

Even if you want to explore the mountains, the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina, the culture, the people or you're looking for fantastic food in a well preserved traditional area, Romania has it all.
Rent a Moto in Romania and make your vacation memorable


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