Your motorcycle tour of Romania should include the Transbucegi road

Transbucegi should be one of your first great driving experience

When starting your motorcycle tour of Romania from Bucharest, Transbucegi should be one of your first great driving experience. Just 80km from the capital you will be swept away by breathtaking views and windy roads.

Just before you enter Sinaia you will find the entry to the TransBucegi road which will take you to the Bucegi Mountains Plateau. It is a beautiful off the beaten path road which leads you straight into the heart of nature.


Your motorcycle tour of Transylvania should include the Transbucegi road

When planning your motorcycle tour of Transylvania, go to the Peles castle as soon as possible in the morning and then start the drive towards the third famous route in Romania, the Transbucegi (or the other way around, Peles castle is open until 1pm or 4pm depending on the day)

During your motorcycle tour in Romania, TransBucegi will be one of the most scenic drives. It is the third highest road in Romania, after Transfagarasan and Transalpina, and reaches an altitude of 1.925m (6,315ft). The road displays miles of stunning views through twisty hair pin corners, high elevations and steep grades.

The pictures we can present here do not do justice to to the Transbucegi, the sunl, cloud covered in parts, grazing cows and horses, green plains stretching to infinity, hundreds of sheeps guarded by sheep dogs; all put together will make this a memorable drive that you won't forget.

The road is a 20 km stretch of motorbike heaven is filled with bends and hairpin curves that unveil amazing views over the mountains. The drive to the top will be filled with bends and hairpin curves that unveil amazing views over the mountains.


An adventure filled motorcycle tour in Romania

It is an adventure filled motorcycle ride which made us include it in all our motorcycle tours of Romania. Next to Transalpina Highway (2145m in altitude) and Transfagarasan Road (2042m in altitude) the Transbucegi Road is the 3rd best driving road in Transylvania and probably Romania.

The Transbucegi is part of the 3 best roads you can take during your motorcycle tour of Transylvania. After completing the 3 roads your motorcycle adventure in Romania will be complete. Some stretches will be even the better than the two other more famous roads, the Transalpina and Transfagarasan.

On the way back you can choose to continue your motorcycle tour towards Padina. The tarmac ends and it becomes gravel. You can have lunch or take the cable-car from Padina Plateau and go to the peak of the Bucegi Mountains. Here you can visit the curious rock formation called ‘The Old Hags (Babele)’ and ‘The Sphinx’.


Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania with Moto4Fun

If the story above inspired you and you want to have a bit of fun of your own, choose one of our tours that include the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina and plan for a memorable vacation with Moto4Fun.


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