BMW F750 GS 3345€
BMW F850GS 3435€
BMW 1250GS 3850€
BMW 1250GS ADV 4035€
Passenger +840€
Private Accomodation +690€

We've put together a formidable 12 Days Motorcycle Guided Trip in Romania

Join us for an adventure packed tour in Romania in 2020!

We have over a Decade of Riding Experience through places such as India, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and many more has given us an edge in designing motorcycle tours that rise above the ordinary.

We are Passionate about Touring Remote Regions

Moto4Fun is an extension of our passion for motorcycle touring and this trip is based on our personal riding experience in remote regions. Eastern Europe still intrigues many of the motorcycle riders and most of the times Romania is the top choice for many of them. It houses the famous Transfagarasan Road, Dracula's Castle, World Renown Cuisine and Beautiful Nature.

Our Proposal!

A 12 Day Guided Motorcycle Tour through some of Romania's most idyllic place. It is a trip of discovery into the hidden valleys of Maramures where the village is still a big part of everyone's lifestyle. We will dive into a fragile and almost forgotten way of life

This motorcycle tour will go through beautifully preserved medieval towns and fortresses in Transylvania, painted monasteries in Bucovina, wooden churches and gates in Maramures as well as famous roads such as the Transfagarasan and Transalpina . The Guided Motorcycle Tour will make you enjoy magical places and you will be swept away by the magnificence of Romania. As usual, the professional guide will take care of your safety and fun.

This motorcycle tour is designed for the curious explorers that want to discover the most hidden parts of Romania

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