You motoring adventure in Bucovina will reveal the landscapes and legends

You motoring adventure in Bucovina will reveal the landscapes and legends


Plan a motorcycle tour and discover the authentic and charming Romania

The result of planning a motorcycle tour in Romania will result in a wonderful surprise.

It a a destination that will amaze even the most seasoned globetrotters. The motorcycle tours will take your through breathtaking landscapes, rich culture with amazing culinary tastes and vibrant cities.

Planning your best motorcycle tour in Romania can be difficult. For this reason we have prepared our top 3 motorcycle tours of the country; from short term rides to introduce you to Romania’s varied heritage as well as 2 week tours really discover the country.


Discover Transylvania by motorcycle

By far the most sought after region of your motoring adventure in Romania will be Transylvania. It is home to millennia-old citadels, immortal Dracula myth and fairy-tale castles. Most of trips will start from Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca; although depending on the company you use to rent your motorcycle in Romania there might be the option to collect in one city and drop-off in another.

Your motorcycle tour in Transylvania has so much to offer!
Fortified churches, Biertan Citadel, Peles Castle, old towns like Brasov and Sibiu. Not to forget the famous Dracula castle in Bran. Since your trip is all about motorbikes, the Transfagarasan highway is just around the corner and it is a true playground for motoring enthusiasts.

From Sinaia, if you decide to cross the mountains with the motorcycle you can take the beautiful TransBucegi alpine road. It is filled with striking panoramic views and you have many options for stops. As you drive towards Ialomita cave, you will discover a monastery which is found in the mountain’s walls. You can definitely plan for a night or at least a lunch in the middle of nature at Padina plateau.


Uncover the traditions of Maramures!

If you choose to plan your motorcycle tour around the north-western part of Romania, Maramures will welcome you with century old traditions. It the best place to experience the authentic lifestyle of the locals and the village life that follows ancient customs. It is a part of the country where the daily life is ruled by the old traditions.

The tour of Maramures takes you inside several traditional farms, where the locals are still working their land like long time ago, making hay by hand, breeding cattle for their use, in a self-sufficient subsistence economy.

Maramures is the part of Romania where you will meet warm and welcoming locals that will host you and offer a taste of their homemade traditional dishes. You motorcycle tour in Romania should include an afternoon visit to the UNESCO heritage wooden churches of Maramures and the unique Merry Cemetery, where painted crosses and funny poems define death.

During your motorcycle tour of Maramures, you will discover enchanting sites, spectacular landscapes, landmarks and traditions that endured over time.


Motorcycle trips in Bucovina, Romania

Bucovina is close to Maramures and the unique churches are standing like bastions of Christianism. The area of Bucovina includes some of the most beautiful unspoiled mountain scenery in Romania with picturesque traditional villages located in valleys and on hillsides, ideal bases for connecting with nature, riding motorbikes or discovering their vivid tapestry of old customs, handcrafts and folklore


During your motorcycle tour of Bucovina old beliefs and customs will be revealed and you will experience Romanian hospitality at its best. Bucovina is all about culture and traditions.

It has many UNESCO monasteries, famous for the wall paintings of the churches the most curious one being the season-changing ‘blue of Voronet’. In Moldovita, one of the monasteries’ villages, egg decoration is considered an art and is made with bee’s wax and painted with natural ingredients and colours.

You motoring adventure in Bucovina will reveal the landscapes and legends of the Bicaz Gorges and Lacul Rosu. The Bicaz Gorges is among Romania’s most spectacular roads and it has a part that is so narrow that it is known as "The Neck Of Hell."


It doesn't really matter in which part of Romania you plan your motorcycle tour!

Tasting the local dishes is a must for every trip to Romania. Food is what brings people together all summer long, Transylvanian villages are home to gastronomical events: dinners in the middle of nature and picnics in the mountains. The inhabitants of the villages work together to prepare wonderful tables with organic food, using ingredients from their own gardens.

The motorcycle tours and Romanian food go well together. These tours are perfect for discovering the rural side of Romania and the local ways of preparing food. If you can't bring your own motorcycle we offer a wide selection of motorcycles for rent in Romania as well as all the necessary equipment.


Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania with Moto4Fun

If the story above inspired you and you want to have a bit of fun of your own, choose one of our tours that include the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina and plan for a memorable vacation with Moto4Fun.


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