cheile Bicazului motorcycle tour in Romania

cheile Bicazului motorcycle tour in Romania


Scenic drives and motorcycle tours in Romania with Moto4Fun

During your motorcycle tour in Romania you will enjoy countless picturesque views from the road.

The motorcycle tours in Romania should always include a drive on the Transfagarasan and TransAlpina, two unique highways that cross the Carpathian Mountains are two of the world's most amazing roads.

Some of the tours in Romania also go across some other beautiful roads such as the TransBucegi, Pasul Rucar – Bran, Pasul Buzaului, Defileul Jiului, Valea Cernei, Valea Bistritei Aurii, Pasul Tihuta, Cheile Bicazului and TransSemenic.


Transfagarasan Highway DN7C
The Transfagarasan, which is probably the most famous of them is known as "the Best Driving Road in the World" after Jeremy Clarkson drove it during one of the TopGear episodes. It is a spectacular road and it offers a fantastic driving experience.

It is a course like you've never seen before! 688 turns and almost 90 km of motoring heaven! It is open from June to October, the road’s highest point is at 2042m

If you are lucky enough to drive the Transalpina you will be welcomed by the alpine scenery and perfect tarmac. The road keeps on winding through valleys and plateaus up to 7,038 feet, this makes it the highest motoring pass in Romania.

During our motorcycle tours in Romania, the TransAlpina highway offers breath-taking views together with lots of driving excitement.

Another fun route of our motorcycle tours is the Transbucegi; a beautiful cul-de-sac road which goes over the Bucegi Natural Park, a land which provides colourful flower and foliage displays as well as numerous hiking trails, that will lead you straight into the heart of nature.


Motorcycle tours with miles of stunning views

Each day will be bring new roads and new stunning views through twisty hair pin corners, high elevations and steep grades. This motoring trip will remain in you memory and you will tell countless stories based on your experience.

photo of Transbucegi credit: #DragosCuDrona

There are many strong points that make Romania a popular motorcycle tour destination; those visiting the country find it friendly and hospitable. The local people are fun, loving, warm, hospitable, playful, with a good sense of humor.

Moto4Fun Romania invites you to discover incredible motorcycle guided tours, departing from Bucharest. We guarantee an epic motorcycle adventure where you will visits isolated villages, enjoy off the beaten track experiences and drive amazing roads.

You can design your own custom motorcycle tour, suited to your personal style and have rich cultural experiences & activities that you’ll never forget!


Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania with Moto4Fun

If the story above inspired you and you want to have a bit of fun of your own, choose one of our tours that include the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina and plan for a memorable vacation with Moto4Fun.


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