The Best Transfagarasan Motorcycle Tour

Jeremy Clarkson named the Transfagarasan 'the best driving road in the world' and it is Romania's most famous attractions! During our guided tours we always present the Transfagarasan as the most scenic road in Romania.

The Transfagarasant Motorcycle tour has the most scenic road

The guided tour of the Transfagarasan Highway lays between tall mountains with a story of its own. The Transfagarasan Motorcycle tour in Romania will be a motoring experience you will never forget!

The southern section of the road is quite bad and the beautiful part of the road starts after Lake Vidraru.

Balea Lake with breathtaking views

At the top of the road we find Balea Lake! It welcomes us with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and a big part of Transylvania.

We will stop at Balea Lake, the highest glacial lake in Romania. The guided tour passes through a 700 meters tunnel and exits by the Balea glaciar Lake at 2035m. This is also the beginning of the most beautiful part of the

During our Transfagarasan motorcycle tour we make multiple stops Curtea de Arges Monastery, Poienari Fortress, Vidraru Dam and Balea Lake.

Transfagarasan highway that cuts across the Fagaras Mountain.
The Transfagarasan Highway is 150 km and reaches altitudes of 2035m, being the second highest road in Romania after Transalpina.

You will have an amazing driving experience from above the clouds! Five tunnels and perfect winding roads that needed 6,500 tons of dynamite to be built will welcome you.

The Transfagarasan motorcycle tour, maybe the best motoring experience

Many seasoned riders that joined the Transfagarasan motorcycle tour admitted that this is the best driving experience they ever had.

At the end of the day, driving the Transfagarasan will be the pinnacle of your holiday. With gorgeous sceneries, it is well worth the effort and it should be part of anyone’s motorcycle road trip!


We do our Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania on this road from mid-June to October when the road is open for driving.

Even if you want to explore the mountains, the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina, the culture, the people or you're looking for fantastic food in a well preserved traditional area, Romania has it all.
Rent a Moto in Romania and make your vacation memorable


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