Your motorcycle adventure in Romania should include the highest road in the country, the Transalpina

It is one of the most spectacular roads of Transylvania

The Transalpina is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains and it should be a must during your motorcycle tour in Romania. The road is famous among motoring enthusiasts and most of the motorcycle tours include it in their experience. It provides and unbeatable driving experience through a mountainous region that is surrounded by nature on all sides while allowing a rapid pass between Oltenia and Transylvania.

Most of the motorcycle tours of Transalpina will start from Bucharest. Here you will find our shop where you can rent a motorcycle in Bucharest and start exploring the country!


Planning to drive with a motorcycle on the Transalpina

When planning to drive your motorcycle on the Transalpina road you should keep it mind it is closed most of the year. The access is possible during the summer months between mid June and mid October. Early summer and mid autum the road is usually closed to the heavy amount of snowfall and the treacherous driving situations that could develop.

Our favourite time of the year to drive our motorbikes on the Transalpina is mid autum. The landscape is completely changed and the colours are absolutely amazing with the trees changing color. It creates a remarcable scenery with tons of different shades of green, orange, yellow, red, and brown.

Driving the Translpina is not easy you should conssider one of the 2 options for the motorcycle tour:
1. Coming from the NORTH Side: spend the night in Sibiu and enjoy the road the entire day. Your end point should be in Ranca, Baile Olanesti, or Targu Jiu.
2. Coming from the SOUTH Side: spend the night in Ranca and continue first thing in the morning towards to the top of the road. Ranca is located in the mountains so you will continue North.


The best route of Transalpina is South to North

The South entry is actually our favorite route and we get to enjoy the best scenery of Transalpina. Although the tourist objectives along the Transalpina road are not as numerous and well-known as those on Transfagarasan, the charm of this route shines through the natural scenery, preserved untouched until recently.

At the end of the day, the Transalpina is the highest road in Romanian, it goes all the way to 2145 meters and it has a total length of 148 km. It is the oldest road over the Carpathian Mountains and the areas around Transalpina have been preserved pure. This makes it a big attraction for both Romanian and foreign motoring enthusiasts, eager for a motorcycle adventure in this part of Romania.


Guided Motorcycle Tours in Romania with Moto4Fun

If the story above inspired you and you want to have a bit of fun of your own, choose one of our tours that include the famous roads such as the Transfagarasan or Transalpina and plan for a memorable vacation with Moto4Fun.


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